Not Okay Babies is an animated NFT collection consisting of 5,555 Babies. The NOB team is dedicated to providing resources & utility based around promoting personal growth & success. With each baby being one of a kind & generated from over 186 possible traits. NOB offers a wide array of colors, facial features, outfits, accessories. All Babies are adored, Though some babies are adored more than others.

The Babies are stored as 5,555 tokens on the Solana blockchain and hosted on Arweave. Purchasing a Babies costs 0.90 SOL if you are whitelisted and 1.5 SOL in the public sale.

Every Not Okay Babies holder has access to an exclusive Discord Economy System, an exclusive members-only area, for which a Phantom sign-in is required. As well as access to the community roadmap that is jammed packed with rewards, contests & useful resources dedicated towards your personal growth and success.

The team here at Not Okay Babies have established a huge network of trusted & profitable creators & artists who stand by our side & have worked with us to make this launch a success.



WL Price

0.90 SOL

Public Price

1.50 SOL


Stage 1

Develop a strong & trusted community that will form the foundation of our success.

Launch $NOB exclusively to our discord members to use for purchasing Not Okay Babies NFTs & Not Okay Babies Whitelist spots. Join our discord to get more info.

Launch our website, social platforms & mental health section to the public.

Host amazing giveaways & collaborations for our community on our Twitter and discord.

Stage 2

Host twitter AMA’s as well as events designed to further accelerate the project.

Provide useful resources dedicated towards your personal growth & success.

Release a Coloring & Activity Book designed digitally for the community & newborns.

Stage 3

Begin our Whitelist Mint for 0.90 SOL

Begin our Public Mint for 1.5 SOL

Stage 4

200 Solana Giveaway.

We are going to donate 20% of the revenue to the community wallet. We will then take the community’s feedback to determine the direction for spending. Any and all royalties (6%) will be used for raffles, investments, charities, etc. The exact makeup will be determined by you!

Stage 5

Launch exclusive Merchandise, Giveaways & Airdrops for our holders.

Begin developing the next stage of the Not Okay Babies NFT collection.







Head of mod




Collab Manager

High N Smoothies

Community Manager


Owning a Not Okay Babies NFT automatically makes you a member of NOB. Once mint has sold out, the only way you can now acquire a Not Okay Babies NFT is on secondary marketplaces

$NOB is a discord exclusive coin used to purchase whitelist tickets. Once minting has sold out $NOB will become exclusive to all holders and will be jammed packed with even more rewards! 

Those who are whitelisted will pay 0.90 SOL for a Not Okay Babies NFT mint and those who do not have a whitelist will pay 1.5 SOL during the public mint. There will be 5,555 NOBs launched into the metaverse 

By having a whitelist you are given an opportunity to mint at a lower price as well as get early insight on the collections development & growth

Not Okay Babies NFT will be hosted on the Solana Network. We recommend using phantom as your wallet of choice

Or do you have something on your mind? You can get support from our team by opening a ticket on our Discord channel.


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